Nutriprove  is a supplier of inputs for the agricultural area, specializing in the development, production and distribution of plant sunscreens, which are geared to managing abiotic stress: cold  stress, heat stress by high temperatures and water stress, among other like cracking etc.

With Brand products like, Suncrops, Suncrops Plus, Fresh, Nufresh, Coolprotect,  Oasis/Sunoff, Protecsol Plus, Crackguard and Improve, which are widely recognized in the market, there are used in major fruit producing countries of Apples, Grapevines, Cherries, Tablegrapes and vegetables. As Australia, Argentina, Turkey, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, New Zealand, United States, Italy and South Africa.

We have a history of more than fifteen years in the market of agricultural and industrial kaolin’s, considering the agrochemical formulators Chile and have more than five years of experience in  the creation and development of new solutions for vegetable sunscreen brands and patents owned by Nutriprove S.A.

Our products have organic certification and the certification records and BCS IMO. Our high standards of quality control and batch traceability, along with the excellence of the raw materials used in manufacturing processes, ensure our products.

The year 2012 with the support of the business incubator GROW Catholic University of Maule, received significant support from CORFO Development Corporation, through the Seed Capital Competition, standing out as one of the most innovative companies in the agricultural area. Our research has been supported by CORFO, and are subject to tax incentives through R & D lines of INNOVA. We are a company that conducts research with universities and development centers in Chile and other countries. These investigations include:

1.-Development of a sunscreen FRESH for wine grapes in partnership with the University of Talca (researcher Felipe Laurie), the vineyard San Pedro (Ricardo Pereira Baehr) and Nufarm Ltd (researcher Osvaldo Rubi G.), in 2011. - Lobos G , Laurie V, Acevedo C , Valdes H , Taylor J . Effects of kaolin-based particle film and fruit zone netting on Cabernet Sauvignon physiology and fruit quality. JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL DES SCIENCES DE LA VIGNE ET DU VIN.():-,2014

2.-Development of sunscreen OASIS/SUNOFF for tablegrapes. In conjunction with the National Agricultural Research Institute (INIA) researcher Antonio Ibacache. in 2012.

3.-Developing a vegetable sunscreen for pome Argentina market, in partnership with National University of Comahue (agency in charge: Maria Graciela Colavita).

4.-Development of OASIS in Tablegrapes, in conjunction with Chemie S.A, 2013. (AYE, Vercellino and asociates ).

5.-Development of OASIS in Blueberries, with Talca University 2014 (agency in charge: Cesar Acevedo-Citra).

6.-Development of Crackguard, to reduce cracking in Cherries. 2014 (agency in charge: Avium-Carlos Tapia-Chemie S.A).

7.-Development of Improve, to improve better action of fungicides an bactericide. 2014 (agency in charge: Xilema- Nutriprove-Chemie S.A).

Our professional staff includes civil engineers, chemists, agronomists and food engineers, highly qualified and specialized in plant protection, which formulated, certified and produce products with attention to the technological needs and strategic objectives of the market, allowing producers to take advantage the advantages of our technology. We also outstanding outreach through lectures and technical documents, that guide agronomists, advisers and farmers worldwide.

We work to help our clients in obtaining higher returns through better yields and quality of horticultural products. INNOVATION ALWAYS.