Oasis/Sunoff® is a better choice to obtain a more yields, more harvest, more quality and taste in a great broad all range of fruit crops. Like tree crops, extensive and intensive crops, vegetables  and ornamentals.

Oasis/Sunoff® was development by Nutriprove, the unique company with statistical tests on field made in conjunction with Universities and investigation centers around the world, has been the only company with real trials in crops stress, like; heat, chilling, drought, salinity conditions, cracking on fruits, radiation, hydric stress and sunburn.

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This are a new exclusive technology of Nutriprove S.A.,  based in different and mixing class  of ONA, Pipecolic and Arachidonic Acids.

Marquette University and Northwest University of China, are a first team of investigators who work with this technology, get cross the investigation from 2009; “Cold-inducible expression of AZI1 and its function in improvement of freezing tolerance of Arabidopsis thaliana and Saccharomyces cerevisiae” Zhi-Yan Xu, Xin Zhang, Michael Schläppi, Zi-Qiun Xu.

Oasis/Sunoff® provides a low-cost technology and natural alternative to improve a better enhancement of crops. Oasis/Sunoff® are launched in 2011, first in Tablegrapes in Chile and Peru, Blueberries in Chile and Peru, Corn and Cereals grain in Brazil, Soybean in Brazil, Vegetables in Spain, wide range Crops in South-Africa, Turkey, Jordan and United States etc.

We distributed Oasis/Sunoff® to growers from 2011. With great results. “Innovation always” is a working sentence of nutriprove.

High innovation and better quality of our products generated many  attacks from an American company CMM (Control Microclimate Management) and Charles Kupatt, who call to our distributors around the world to sowing doubts in order to harm. They are based under the wrong intellectual property.  It has been claimed by Nutriprove and are currently under a trial of jactancy in the Chilean courts.

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Mario Guerrero.